Jenny Hawk ('14): Meaningful Relationships & Beyond

Jenny Hawk, class of 2014, had zero interest in professional athletics. Yet, pure hustle and determination led her to create a successful career in the male-dominated sports industry.  In 2018, Jenny joined the Denver Broncos Football Club as the organization’s youngest full-time female employee.

After graduating from Walker, Jenny attended Virginia Tech. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management, specializing in Events Management with a minor in Communications, she was ready to create a career that suited her well. She lives in Denver and is a Partnership Activation Coordinator for the Denver Broncos Football Club. 

During her thirteen years at Walker, Jenny developed both in and outside of the classroom. As a self-proclaimed “drama geek” she gives Katie Arjona credit for teaching her boldness and public speaking. “My biggest takeaway from my people skills.“ 

Her ability to form relationships with people from all walks of life has served her well in her career. Walker’s rich multicultural melting pot atmosphere greatly benefitted Jenny. She adds, “Wherever you came from - as you entered Walker - did not matter nearly as much as who you became once you were there.”

Student life at Walker kept Jenny occupied. Jenny’s extracurricular schedule was as full as her academic schedule of honors and AP classes. She was the class president three years in a row, a Peer Leader, and a member of “No Strings Attached” Players. “Outside of academics is where Walker really helped me succeed.” Walker has a variety of learning opportunities that taught her vital time management skills and the ability to multitask.

During her time at Virginia Tech, she sought out internships to help guide her future direction. She learned that everyone is new to some degree - regardless of the situation. She approached the newness of college with the camaraderie of “we’re all in this together.”  In high school, social skills gave Jenny the confidence she needed to branch out of her comfort zone as a college student. 

After a brief internship with a wedding coordinator during her freshman year of college, Jenny realized she wanted more variety in her career. In October of 2018, after working through years of internships in the sports industry due to recognizing her ability to grow in a field she knew very little about, Jenny accepted her role with the Denver Broncos Football Club as Partnership Activation Coordinator. 

When speaking about her career, Jenny lights up with excitement. She recently obtained an Executive Certificate in Sports Philanthropy through The George Washington University and has executed multiple co-branded events sponsored by the Denver Broncos Football Club their corporate partner portfolio. As of late, an initiative with Kroger. Their goal? Feeding breakfast or lunch to over 250 needs-based citizens in a co-branded custom food truck across the Denver metro-area. Serving others in a philanthropic manner is the backbone of Jenny’s enthusiasm.

Even though she works with high-profile individuals at times, no job is without struggles. “Every job is going to be difficult - nothing is going to be all glitz and glamor, “Jenny stated. “There will always be room for growth and I will always be chasing down what is right.”
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