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Good People Must Not Be Silent

In the midst of these trying and difficult moments, it is more important than ever for the Walker Community to focus on our core value of the infinite worth and dignity of the individual and to stand up against injustice, police brutality, and all other forms of oppression and discrimination. We can and must do better as a Nation.  
While I cannot begin to understand the same hurt our Black and Brown brothers and sisters feel – nationally and in our Walker community – as a leadership team, we empathize with those experiencing injustice due to systemic oppression. Still, further acknowledgment of these facts is not enough.
Dr. King reminds us that good people must not be silent. Walker stands with our families and those who have suffered and are suffering oppression as we speak out against injustice and prepare the next generation of leaders in our nation. 
A Walker education does more than prepare our children to lead in the classrooms of some of the world’s finest institutions of higher learning. It also prepares our students to lead in an ever-changing world, in a way that evokes positive change for the betterment of all.  
Today, we mourn with and send condolences to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and to others who have suffered loss due to acts of hate. The list of those whose lives have been taken includes Emmett Till, James Byrd Jr., Antwon Rose II, Michael Brown Jr., and too many others. 
And in the week following Memorial Day, we also know that too many Americans have died fighting to preserve the freedoms we hold so dear; we must not rest until these freedoms (to peaceful assembly, to due process, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) apply equally to every American.
With respect,
Jack Hall
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