Hensley Babb ('14): Do Your Part

Hensley Babb

“As healthcare professionals, we must model and educate the population on the necessity of following the guidelines of social distancing and proper hand hygiene. Compliance with these guidelines is essential to the mission of flattening the curve.”  — Hensley Babb, Class of 2014

Hensley Babb (Class of 2014), credits Upper School teacher Rob Holman’s senior Anatomy class with sparking her interest in medicine. Uncertain about how that interest would progress, Hensley, who had already been accepted to Samford University, took a chance on nursing school. 

“Fast forward six years later and here I am doing something I am so incredibly passionate about,” she says.

Today, Hensley is a staff nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. As with all healthcare professionals, maintaining patient and physician safety remains a critical need; collaboration among programs keeps healthcare teams encouraged and working. 

“Anywhere on the internet, you can find nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and so many others rallying together to support one another on various platforms,” she says. “People are literally flying to the COVID hotspots around the country, dropping everything, to help the hospitals that are overwhelmed and understaffed. It's pretty amazing to see that kind of selflessness.”

Hensley said she is most concerned with the safety of hospital personnel. “The supply is limited,” she says. “The only way that our physicians and nurses can continue to do their jobs is to protect themselves first.” 

Then, almost apologetically, Hensley adds “I hate to sound like a broken record, however, social distancing is something that you can do every day to aid in the slowing of the progression of COVID-19. Please, alums, do your part and stay home and, as always, WASH YOUR HANDS!”
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