Walker wins best delegation at Model U.N.

The Walker School delegation won Best Delegation and four other awards at the Mid-South Model United Nations Conference at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn.
About 260 students from 20 schools competed.

Individual awards went to:
  • Junior Charlie Rossitch, Best Position Paper – U.N. Women
  • Junior Ffion Button, Outstanding Position Paper - U.N. Women, Best Delegate and Gavel 
  • Junior Sophie Brondos, Honorable Mention Position Paper
Charlie Rossitch and Junior Caden Cowan were the only boys competing in U.N. Women'

“I am so proud of the students who went to the Memphis competition,” said Walker Model U.N. coach Cindy Schafer, Middle School/Upper School Chair for Social Studies. “Even though the majority of (the students) are not seasoned Model U.N. competitors, they really shined.
“We would not have been able to receive the Best Delegation at the competition if it wasn't for all of them working so hard.”

Each area of evaluation is equally important to the overall determination process.
  • Remaining in Character: Advocating your assigned country's position in a manner consistent with economic, social and geopolitical constraints.
  • Participating in Committee: Delegates are evaluated both during formal session and caucusing for their ability to work with other delegates diplomatically.
  • Proper use of the rules of procedure
Awards Given
  • Each committee grants one outstanding delegate, one best delegate, and one honorable mention award. Delegates are not required to send in a position paper in order to be eligible for in-committee awards.
  • Each committee also grants one "best position paper" and one "honorable mention award."
The Best Overall Delegation award was named based on a weighted average of awards received throughout the conference.

Congratulations to all of the students who helped Walker gain the coveted Best Delegation Award.

  •  Sophie Brondos
  • Ffion Button
  • Caden Cowan
  • Rhodes Reddick
  • Sanjay Reddy
  • Charlie Rossitch
  • Ben Shlanta
  • Sam Taylor
  • Taeyeon Ann
  • Olivia Lei
  • Amy Morales
  • Manav Desai
  • Harry Gregory
  • Nikhil Jaglan
  • Yash Parmar
  • Matt Rossitch
  • Raj Shroff
  • Gus Wieczorek
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