Meet our Seniors

Ashwin Sequeira: Entrepreneur in the Making

Leaving his home country of Bahrain (east of Dubai), Ashwin Sequeira's journey to The Walker School was different from most.
“My brother was going to college here and my family decided to make a move at the end of the year. Of the big schools I was looking at, Walker was accepting of our timeline. It was the middle of the year!" Ashwin's smile lights up the room, "It was a good decision, I think.”

A self-described introvert, new to Walker and the United States, Ashwin was uncertain of what to expect. He readily admits that the “welcoming nature of Walker” was very different from what he had ever experienced and helped him immediately feel “at home.”

Stretching himself out of his comfort zone, Ashwin decided to audition for the lead role in our Fall 2019 musical, Footloose. Landing the part, becoming more engaged in our theater program and performing on stage has been critical in both building his confidence and his ability to manage time. “Having encouragement from the faculty is amazing. I know that I have to try things to see if I can do them. I can’t be afraid to try.”

Trying new things is important to Ashwin. His dream is to create his own business - “something that will leave an impact on this world” - in the realm of biomedical engineering. Specifically, he wants to be able to use an engineering degree on the development of mechanical goods, which positively impact the medical community. Balancing his entrepreneurial spirit with good common sense, Ashwin wants to stay in-state for college. He hopes to be able to pursue his dreams by taking the first step on that path either at Georgia Tech or possibly The University of Georgia. 

I wonder if it doesn’t also have something to do with the home he feels he has here. Ashwin has embraced the comfort and connections Walker offers due to its size and sense of community. “I’ve gotten to know this faculty so well in just a few short years,” he says with a smile. “More than I knew the teachers I had in Bahrain for 14 years. That kind of trust - with your teachers - is insane. I think I will miss that the most.”
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