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10 Walker scientists selected to present research

Ten Walker School students – out of 60 in the entire state – have been selected to present their scientific research at the Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 23-25 at The University of Georgia.

Students from Walker’s Guided Scientific Research Program will present their research in Engineering and Public Health concentrations to professional researchers and peers. 
Engineering concentration participants:
  • Ashwin Sequira (oral presentation): “Application of PET fibers to improve the hydraulic conductivity of slurry wall barriers
  • Tony Yang  (oral presentation): “Reduce the Impact of Dust Accumulation on Solar Panels by providing Vibration and Airflow
  • Rilee White  (oral presentation): "The Effects of Erosion Blanket Layout with Filter and Soil Type on Green Roof Erosion
Public health concentration participants:
  • Emma Camp (oral presentation): “Staphylococcus aureus on commonly hand-touched surfaces throughout age-dependent school settings”
  • Karoline Carruth (oral presentation): “CADM2 gene transversion association with risky driving behavior in teenagers”
  • Ashley Darling (oral presentation): “Association between ADORA2A SNP variants and habitual caffeine consumption”
  • Blair Elliott (oral presentation): “The effectiveness of organic versus inorganic fertilizer at stimulating the growth of Arthrospira platensis
  • Shanzeh Sheikh (oral presentation): “FCRL3 gene association with asthma and allergic rhinitis”
  • Alex Sohrab (oral presentation): “DAT1 VNTR polymorphisms and internet dependence in adolescents”
Kalieann Wetherington (poster presentation): “Association between severity of sports related injury and negative psychological effects of injury”
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