Visual Arts

Inspire & Challenge

Our visual art faculty cultivates, inspires and challenges young people both individually and collaboratively as they increase aesthetic awareness, craft a creative spirit, cultivate problem solving and refine both decision making skills and a discerning sensibility toward their visual environment. Visual Art enriches The Walker School learning experience since students learn a common language while working in a variety of media. We embrace the creative process, allowing learners to explore the role of art in their lives and world cultures.

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  • Upper School

    Upper School students may choose from a variety of specialized studio classes that promote the development of artistic and perceptual skills. Each course includes the history of the discipline, creative use of materials and relevant vocabulary. Students are not only engaged in learning techniques, but also to think conceptually and critically about art. We encourage students to take risks as they seek to convey original visual interpretive responses to a variety of issues. Whether their artistic journey is just beginning or becoming more focused, Upper School art students are challenged to creatively explore their world around them.

    Art Club
    Walker’s Art Club provides students with a passion or interest in visual art the opportunity to come together, create and discover. The club engages students and the entire campus through a variety of visual arts activities. Students meet after school to share ideas, learn new techniques, and create art work, collaborative projects, public art and visual displays. Art Club members are encouraged to participate in art shows, visit artist studios, art galleries and museums.

    Photography Club
    Walker's Photography Club provides an opportunity for students interested to come together as a group and build upon their skills and creativity in the photographic processes. The club is dedicated to interact with everyone on campus through the camera lenses in fun ways. Students meet after school to share theme-based work, take part in critiques, view established photographers' work, enter shows, and participate in field trips.
  • Middle School

    Each year, students in Art I and Art II have the opportunity to draw, paint, sculpt, and explore artists, cultures and movements in art history. Focusing on the Elements and Principles of Art provides inspiration for both content and technique in various 2- dimensional and 3- dimensional projects. It is Walker's philosophy that everyone can "do art" and all it takes is an open mind and a willingness to look at something in a new or different way. The Middle School art studio is a colorful, inviting atmosphere where students explore a variety of medium and techniques as they cultivate their creativity and problem solving skills. In Art II students study the History of Western Art. Through images, lecture, and discussion, students become more aware of the art around them and the various issues that have influenced the development of art throughout the ages. They learn that art is not created "in a vacuum" and that world events serve to shape creativity. The Walker Gallery showcases artwork of Middle School students each fall.
  • Lower School

    Lower School Art classes are designed to give first through fifth graders an introduction to art that will prepare them for Middle and Upper School Art classes. Students attend one class per week for one hour. The curriculum offers varied art experiences in the Lower School’s well-equipped Art Lab, where students work on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects. Children use their assignments as opportunities for problem solving as they work with a wide range of media, projects, and themes at each grade level. Students enjoy working with pencil, crayon, markers, colored pencils, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, clay, foil, fabric, and yarn. Art activities are also integrated with core areas and other co-curricular classes. Students become familiar with specific artists and use their work as inspiration. Students are able to visit the Walker Gallery to see work of Walker students and professional artists from the Atlanta area and to familiarize themselves with gallery/museum manners.
  • Primary School

    Primary School Art classes are designed to introduce students to the basic Elements and Principles of design in art. Students in the Early Learners, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten visit the art lab twice a week. Emphasis is placed on cognitive, sensory, and motor development as well as development of visual problem solving skills. Throughout their time in the Preschool students use an increasing variety of materials, skills, and techniques. They learn to identify and use colors, textures, lines, shapes and patterns in art. Students use prisma color pencils, pastels, ink, colored markers, water color, tempera, acrylic paint, wood, fabric, collage materials, and clay to complete projects in painting, drawing, paper works, printmaking, and sculpture. Students also study artists from different time periods and cultures. They learn to identify those who make art as artists and observe, describe, and respond to works of art. Each February the Primary School students exhibit their talents in the annual Primary School Art Show.

Student Artwork

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  • Primary School

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