Upper School

Student Publications

Under the guidance of faculty advisers, Walker students produce a yearbook, The Flame; a literary magazine, Pegasus; and a broadcast segment, Walker News Network.  The production of these publications is undertaken as a part of a regularly scheduled class.

Pegasus - Literary Magazine

Our students embrace writing and the arts both in and out of the classroom. For over 20 years, Pegasus has given Walker students a forum in which they can publish and share memoir, poetry, fiction, essays, photographs, sculpture, and drawings. Our literary publication, wholly student-run and generated, serves Walker’s entire student body from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. This age range of contributors makes Pegasus decidedly unique. The magazine is staffed by talented young designers and editors, and students receive an arts/communication credit for participating in our single semester course.

The Flame - Yearbook

The Flame, the yearbook for the Walker School, is published by a staff of Upper School students who take yearbook as a course. These student staff members are charged with developing a theme for The Flame, taking candid photographs, writing copy, and collecting photos and other materials that are representative of events of a year in the life of The Walker School and its students from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. They work to determine the layout that will best present the theme, events, and students. The Flame is presented to every student on the same day in May and each division has a “signing” party appropriate for the ages of the students.

Walker News Network

Walker News Network is the online broadcast of the Upper School. It is staffed by the members of the multimedia journalism class and utilizes the Warren Science & Technology Building's Media Technology Suite, which houses a green screen, production studio, and soundproof recording booth. Students who enjoy filming, editing, and interviewing or who want to use or develop their technology skills may be right at home on the staff of WNN. 
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The Walker School is a private, co-ed day school offering opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students in Metro Atlanta.