Primary School Library

The Primary School Media Center welcomes Walker students and parents to discover the joy of reading. The collection includes over 4000 fiction and nonfiction titles that meet both the curriculum needs and the interests of our young readers. Students visit the library each week to hear a story, participate in an activity, and check out books. Annual events in the Media Center include summer reading program, book endowment, Scholastic book fair, and visiting authors/story tellers. In addition to serving as the school library, the Media Center functions as the Primary School Computer Science Lab. Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students visit the lab each week to learn about technology using an interactive curriculum and lab equipment designed to meet their needs.

Winship Library

Lower School students, faculty, and staff are surrounded by over 21,000 volumes in the Winship LIbrary. Students proactively learn to locate, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information and ideas. From student search stations to a dynamic SmartBoard, our inviting two-level Reading Cottage and whimsical curriculum-based murals to welcoming collaborative seating design, Winship Library boasts an ideal environment for students to grow into young scholars, readers, researches, makers, thinkers, storyteller, and tinkerers. Winship Library seeks to foster a deep appreciation of literature and establish a lifelong love of reading.

Students enjoy access to online newspapers, age-appropriate periodicals, and a variety of digital equipment thanks to our collaboration with the Media Tech Lab. A completely automated public access Destiny catalog provides author, title, subject, series, and keyword access to the print and non-print resources. Many resources are divided into categories like “easy readers, fiction, non-fiction, biography, reference and video/DVD.” We strongly value reading for enjoyment; one will often find the room filled with the silent hum of students reading for pleasure.

Students visit Winship for instruction on a fixed schedule for both media/literacy classes and checkout opportunities. A flexible schedule day is available to support and enrich classroom activities across grade levels. Stories, thematic studies, creative writing, and library skills instruction form part of the curriculum for each grade.

Library Team

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  • Leigh LaFalce

    Primary School Media Specialist
  • Kate Carter

    Lower School Librarian
  • Jama Branham

    Interim Librarian for MS/US

Bowden Library

Serving grades 6-12, the Bowden Library houses over 16,000 volumes and includes two computer labs, comfortable reading areas, and tables for group work or study. The periodical, nonfiction, and reference collections are supplemented by extensive online databases. Our fiction includes selections for Middle School readers as well as novels for Upper School students and faculty. 
Technology is an integral part of the Bowden Library. With over 65 computers dedicated to research, students in grades six through twelve are engaged in a variety of projects, including science fair, historical research, and literary analysis.
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