The Walker School offers two-way bus service with multiple pick-up and drop-off locations in metro Atlanta. During the 2021-22 school year, we offer 14 morning stops, nine after school stops, and six late activity stops. We also consider requests to add stops in areas of growth.
Transportation availability, forms, and questions should be directed to busing@thewalkerschool.org. Payment questions should be directed to billing@thewalkerschool.org.  Busing is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

If your child is requesting a different stop or needs to have a friend ride the bus with them, please remember to email busing@thewalkerschool.org for approval. This gives us time to make sure space is available and communicate with the drivers.

*PM Bus 3 is full.
*PM Bus 4 is full.

Late Start Busing Schedule

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  • Bus Routes & Schedules

    Bus Route Locations and Times 2021-22

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    To request a location for Walker to consider for future bus service, please fill out our Location Request Form.
  • Registration and Permission Forms

    All forms can be loaded in your Walker Web Portal by contacting busing@thewalkerschool.org.  

  • Bus Service Fees

    • Full Year One-Way - $650
    • Full Year Two-Way - $1300
    • Semester One-Way - $325
    • Semester Two-Way - $650
    • Drop in Service - $10 per ride
    Annual and semester fees will be billed to the student account. Drop-in service will be billed in the month following service.
  • Drop-In Service

    Drop in service must be requested 24 hours prior to need.  Please email busing@thewalkerschool.org to determine availability.  Drop in service is $10 per ride and is subject to availability.
  • Bus Procedures and Code of Conduct

    Regular Riders Not Riding the Afternoon/Activity Bus
    If you have a change to your afternoon plans and do not want your child to ride the bus, please contact your Division Administrative Assistant by phone by 12pm on the day of the change. For PS-MS, please let the Administrative Assistant know if your child should be sent to carpool or after-school care. The Division Administrative Assistant will ensure that your child (grades 6-12) or their teacher (grades EL-5) is notified.

    Missing the Bus
    In the morning, the bus will leave promptly at the times stated. Please be on time.

    For afternoon bus pickup, Middle School and Upper School students should arrive promptly at the Lower School carpool circle. For activity bus pickup, please arrive promptly at the Middle School carpool circle. In the event that the student does not arrive on time to get on the afternoon (3:30) bus, the student may stay in afterschool care until the activity (6:15) bus departs (if space allows) or the parents may pick the student up from school. Middle School and Upper School students should notify the Main Building Receptionist that they missed the bus.

    In the event that the student does not arrive on time to get on the activity (6:15) bus, someone must come to pick the student up from school.

    Parent Late at Pick-Up
    Please make every effort to arrive timely to pick your student up from the bus stop.

    Riders will not be left alone at a pick-up.
    Parents may complete a Parent Permission Authorization Form so that another designated adult can pick-up a rider. If a parent or a designated adult is not at the drop-off location, riders will be retained on the bus and may be picked up at any subsequent stop.

    For the Afternoon (3:30) route, if the student has not been picked up after all stops are complete, the student will be returned to school and may be picked up at school or picked up during the Activity Bus (6:15) route by a parent or designated adult.

    For the Activity (6:15) route, if the student has not been picked up by the final stop, the bus driver will wait at the final stop until a parent or a designated adult arrives.
  • Main Campus

    700 Cobb Parkway North
    Marietta, GA 30062
  • Primary School

    830 Damar Road
    Marietta, GA 30062
The Walker School is a private, co-ed day school offering opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students in Metro Atlanta.