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Senior Spotlight - Evie Blauvelt, Cross Country

What is your favorite memory at Walker and why? Or what do you like most about Walker?
One of my best memories at Walker was going on the Driftwood field trip in 5th grade. I still have so many pictures of my friends and I holding different fish, being covered in mud, and going on boats. I loved getting closer to my friends and being able to experience being away from home for one of my first times through this trip.

Who is your favorite teacher at school and why?
One of my favorite teachers at school is Ms. Krache. I have been lucky enough to have her for two years now and I currently have her for two of my classes this year. She is one of my favorite teachers at school because not only is she kind and understanding of her students, she is also truly genuine. Ms. Krache always tells it like it is, but always seems to make us laugh in the process. I'm going to miss having her as my teacher but I am so thankful that I got to experience having her as my teacher.

What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
My favorite movie of all time is either Titanic or Catch Me If You Can. I mainly like these movies because I love young Leonardo Dicaprio. Any movie with Leonardo Dicaprio is a good movie.
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