GSR Students Invited to Present Research

Nine of our Guided Scientific Research students (100% of the class!) have been invited to present their research at the Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at the end of this month.
These students will present their research either orally or during a poster session at GJSHS, held February 24-26 at the University of Georgia. Only 45 students from the state of Georgia were invited make oral presentations this year, and we have five of them; four of the 15 students from Georgia invited to present their research as posters were Walker students as well!   

Engineering Concentration Participants
  • Nick Gong (oral presentation) - "Application of Thermoelectric Cooler on CPU Cooling"
  • Alison Hebert (oral presentation) - "Disinfectant Spraying Robot to Kill Staph Bacteria"
  • Shelby Kraal (oral presentation) - "Harvesting Energy from Trees"
  • Willard Scissum (poster session) - "Portable, Adjustable, Collapsible, Wheelchair Ramp"
Public Health Concentration Participants
  • Mary Johnson (oral presentation) - "Effectiveness of Additional Intervention Methods: More is Not Always Better"
  • Sarabeth McClure (oral presentation) - “PRF1 A91V Association with Anaphylaxis due to Food Allergies”
  • Megan Behm (poster session) - “Assessing a Possible Association Between Taking Oral Allergy Medication and the Makeup of the Nasal Microbiota”
  • Baylor Reini (poster session) - "Statistical Analysis on the Incidence of Cyclospora cayetanensis"
  • Cole VanBruinisse (poster session) - "The Potential Effect of Climate Change on Freshwater Green Algae in Georgia" 
Walker's GSR students have represented the School at the Symposium for the past eight years; this school year marks the fourth time that 100% of our GSR students have been invited to the symposium. We're so proud of these students and their teachers, Dr. Nate Brady and Mrs. Emily Adams!
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