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Students Invited to Present Research

Four of Walker's Guided Scientific Research students have been invited to present their research at UGA at the Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium February 25-27.
Only 50 students from the state of Georgia are invited make these oral presentations each year. 

Congratulations to the following students! 
  • Zoey Brown - "The impact of school-based mindfulness meditation on stress and depression among adolescents."
  • Karl Lee - "Application of convolutional neural network on detecting texting while driving behavior"
  • Lauren Martin - "Evaluation of current wastewater treatment methods in kaolinite slurries from Georgia"
  • Landi White - "Influence of acne treatments on the facial microbiome"
Landi White and Zoey Brown are part of Walker's Public Health Concentration, and spent a month last summer working at the CDC; Karl Lee is part of the Walker Engineering Concentration and spent a month last summer working at Georgia Tech; John Richardson served as a mentor for Lauren's project.  

Karl and Lauren were both named one of 12 state finalists; for the second year in a row, Walker was the only school to have two students named finalists!
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