Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services was created to answer the critical needs of a diverse school community in the creation and implementation of academic, cultural and social programs designed to promote self-knowledge, heighten cultural and global awareness, and promote intercultural dialogue.
The Walker School believes in the infinite worth and dignity of the individual. The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services supports the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and families in the commitment to this core value.

Mission Statement

The Walker School commits the entire school community, trustees, faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni, to develop a perspective that embraces diversity and enhances global awareness regardless of gender, race, social economic status, religion, or sexual orientation.

Our Goals

To promote a diverse educational community that embraces a variety of ethnic customs, cultures, lifestyles, thought processes, and identities to enhance the learning experience.

To create an educational community that recognizes the vital role that the Walker School plays through education, in achieving the goal of creating a more culturally aware society.

List of 3 items.

  • Community Enrichment

    International/Cultural Awareness Day

    “The impact of a community extends beyond physical boundaries or borders. Our school community reaches far beyond our campus here at Walker. From alumni living around the world, to our Foreign Exchange Programs in France, Argentina and Germany and China, we are all connected.“

    The Walker School International/Cultural Awareness Day celebration occurs every other school year and is an opportunity for our entire school community to learn about and celebrate the many cultures that shape this country. On this special day, the Walker School student body, along with parents, faculty and staff, will participate in various activities and presentations with the following goals:

    1. Highlight the diversity of cultural heritage and traditions here at Walker.
    2. Enhance cultural awareness, geographical knowledge and instill a deeper understanding of interdependence.
    3. Promote responsible global citizenship by emphasizing the important role that the United States and its citizens play as key members of the world community.
    4. Strengthen a sense of community through peer learning collaboration across all four school division.

    Traditional Activities associated with our International/Cultural Awareness Day Celebrations include but are not limited to:
    A Tour of Nations, Taste of Nations and a Parade of Nations
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Over the past several years The Walker School has partnered with internationally renowned educational consultant Derrick Gay, who has led workshops for faculty, students, and parents.  These sessions ask participants to think critically about identity and inclusivity with the objective of encouraging empathy and reinforcing a sense of community.  During the 2015-2016 academic year, Mr. Gay will implement climate assessments that provide both qualitative and quantitative data about our progress in the efforts to enhance community and inclusivity.

    Student Programming: 

    The Walker School boasts a broad range of clubs, activities, and organizations.  Many of these play a vital role in enhancing global and cultural awareness, providing support to a diverse student body, and boosting inclusivity. 

    • Fine Arts: The Walker Schools' excellent Fine Arts program values diverse artistic traditions.  Mr. Erik Kofoed's Middle School Jazz explores the geographic and cultural origins, as well as stylistic differences, among the Blues, Swing, Rock, and Latin traditions.  The Lower School art program, led by Sherry Walker-Taylor, also exposes students to a variety of artistic traditions.  During the 2014-2015 academic year, Lower School students in grades 1-5 contributed to a mixed medium exhibit on Mexican folkloric art, including reproductions of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  During the 2015-2016 year, dance students had the opportunity to have a master class with the SPANDA Indian Dance Company.
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): Faculty and students participate in devotions and discussions about Christian faith, fellowship, and prayer.
    • Girls Learn International (GLI): GLI at Walker learns about issues facing women across the world.  We currently have a pen-pal partnership with the Nilore Model School in Pakistan, and we also hold fundraisers to promote the awareness of a girls' rights to an education.
    • Hillel: Walker Hillel offers students on campus a chance to appreciate and learn about Jewish traditions.  Students do not have to be Jewish to join.
    • Language Clubs: The Latin, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese clubs at our school all exist to promote understanding of and appreciation for the corresponding cultures, languages, and histories.  Various events that benefit the entire community are coordinated by Club leaders and sponsors throughout the year.
    • LGBT+Allies: The purpose of Walker's LGBT+Allies club is to promote equality and acceptance among all students, and to offer a safe place for LGBT students and their Allies to discuss important issues in their daily lives.
    • Debate Club:  This club engages in discussions on a variety of significant and sensitive issues, including the flying of the Confederate flag, standardized testing in public schools, and the normalizing of Cuban-American relations.
    • Student Service Organization (SSO):  Walker SSO brings awareness of socioeconomic differences by serving people with true need outside the immediate Walker community. 

  • International Exchanges & Partnerships

    The Walker School's international exchange programs provide our Faculty and our students with opportunities to explore the richness and diversity of other societies, while instilling respect for all people.  Our international exchange programs were created with the goal of enhancing global awareness, developing cultural sensitivity ultimately promoting a deeper sense of global citizenship.

    Currently, we have exchanges with:

    • Europaschule Bornheim, Bornheim, Germany 
    • La Plaza School, Rafael, Argentina
    • Institut Fenelon, Grasse, France

    Each year, The Walker School welcomes a group of French, German, and Argentine exchange students into our school and homes to provide a chance for students and their families to learn about other cultures and ideas and to share their own.

    In the spring and summer, many of our host Upper School sudents travel to France, Germany, or Argentina to stay with a host family while they attend classes and take tours throughout the country.

    Multicultural Programs and Services collaborates with the World Language Department to create and maintain these partnerships with schools across the world.  Furthermore, the OMCA provides hospitality and information for our international guests. 

    For more information about our World Languages program and international exchanges, please contact World Languages Department Chair Randy Fields at  or 770-427-2689 ext. 4526.

    Additional Educational Travel Opportunities:
    • Upper School Latin teacher Randy Fields leads trips to Roman Britain & France, Rome & Pompeii, Greece & Turkey, or Egypt and Israel.  For these excursions, The Walker School partners with Cultural Encounters, a company that provides customized historical and cultural travel for groups and individuals.  The trips include guided tours led by experts in areas of history, art, architecture, and local culture. 
    • Led by the Walker School Registrar and long-time Spanish teacher Newton McCurdy, these international trips are open to students in grades nine to twelve and students in grades six through eight with an adult.  In addition, family members, relatives, and friends are invited to join the trips.  Participants take part in unique experiences that encourage their social skills to grow, make them more globally-minded, and help them connect with their studies in a firsthand way.  The itineraries are usually scheduled for seven to thirteen days either over Winter Break or at the end of the school year.  Past trips include England, Ireland, Scotland, Morocco, Spain, France, Greece, and Italy.  Trips planned in 2016 include Belize, Slovenia, and Croatia.  For questions and more information please contact Newton McCurdy, Registrar, at  or 678-581-6908.

Affinity Groups

In our efforts to continuously reaffirm our mission statement which promotes a caring and diverse community, the Office of Multicultural Affairs would like to extend an invitation to our Walker parents, faculty, staff and students to participate in one of our Community Affinity Groups.  Walker currently has the following affinity groups: African American, Jewish, and South Asian. 

 An affinity group is meant to bring together people who have something important in common, e.g. race, gender, profession, or special interests. The purpose of such a group is to encourage:

  • defining, building community
  • identifying issues sharing successes
  • promoting ideas for action
  • preparing for deep and honest cross-cultural dialogue with other affinity groups
  • providing opportunities for affirmation and celebration
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