We Believe

Our Mission

The Walker School is the college-preparatory independent school for families seeking an engaging educational experience within an intimately scaled, caring and diverse community where opportunities abound and meaningful relationships inspire transformative learning.
Walker’s dedicated teachers exude contagious intellectual energy, demonstrate authentic interest in the life of the mind that extends beyond their core subject areas, and model genuine respect for students and one another.

Through their actions and interactions, Walker teachers cultivate students’ spirit of wanting to know in every setting—the classroom and the hallway, the laboratory and the library, the art studio and the stage, the court and the playing field.

Walker students, feeling known and encouraged by their teachers and classmates, come to value the experience over the applause, developing along the way the confidence to explore new avenues of thinking, the wisdom to articulate meaningful insights, and the fortitude to act with integrity and honor.

At the culmination of this carefully guided, increasingly independent journey from Early Learners through grade 12, Walker graduates have evolved from curious young learners into critically thinking, individually expressive, confidently collaborative, and admirably honest young adults thoroughly prepared for the intellectual and relational challenges of college and life.

Honor Code

Through our Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School Honor Codes, we believe Walker provides an environment in which our community learns to value honesty and to respect others. Students and faculty in all divisions are guided by the belief that honor is a way of life rather than a set of rules to follow, and the expectation is that our graduates will carry these values with them after they leave Walker. Each division's Honor Code is treated as a “living document” that is reevaluated on a yearly basis and recommitted to by our community annually. 

Our Core Values: We Believe...

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    in the infinite worth and dignity of the individual.
  • #2

    that student learning is the chief priority of the school.
  • #3

    that the school should provide a safe, supportive, and challenging environment for learning with clear goals and high expectations for student achievement.
  • #4

    that the school's curriculum should develop creative and analytical thinking.
  • #5

    that the school should foster in students the confidence to work independently and the social skills to work collaboratively.
  • #6

    that school should encourage parents, teachers, and students to work together toward common goals.
  • #7

    that the school plays an important role in teaching students to value themselves and others.
  • #8

    that the school should provide a framework for learning to make responsible decisions.
  • #9

    that involvement in and appreciation of the arts is a vital part of education.
  • #10

    that the school should encourage the development of a healthy body through curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • #11

    that an understanding of the past is fundamental to understanding the present.
  • #12

    that the school should encourage students, faculty, and parents to develop a perspective that embraces diversity and enhances global awareness.
  • #13

    that the school should provide the foundation and framework for giving students the skills and the flexibility that are necessary to thrive in a changing world.
  • #14

    that the school can help students to become aware of the needs of others by encouraging involvement in the community.
  • #15

    that the continual development of the faculty is essential to the school's improvement.
  • Main Campus

    700 Cobb Parkway North
    Marietta, GA 30062
  • Primary School

    830 Damar Road
    Marietta, GA 30062
The Walker School is a private, co-ed day school offering opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students in Metro Atlanta.