Four Walker Students Chosen for All-State Art Symposium

Congratulations to Ava Becker, Kendall Brock, Owen Hayden and Juan Nolte for having their artwork chosen for the 2021-22 Georgia All-State Art Symposium. Judges reviewed 1,600 entries from artists across Georgia and selected 100 for inclusion in the symposium.
The annual All-State Art Symposium is dedicated to promoting and recognizing the creative talents of high school students from across Georgia, according to the symposium’s website. The symposium's workshops, juried exhibition and other events provide high school students with cultural opportunities, develop advanced studio skills and cultivate aesthetic appreciation while recognizing excellence in high school art education.
Members of Walker’s National Art Honor Society have been invited to attend the symposium workshops in February at Columbus State University.
Becker, a freshman in her first year at Walker, was chosen for “The Lost of This World,” a linoleum print carved out of rubber featuring a city and country scape. 
“I created this print to show how people can feel lost in any situation or place they may be in life,” Becker said. 
Kendall Brock, a freshman who has been at Walker since sixth grade, had her black and white photo of the locks at The Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge in Paris, selected. “That was my first time out of the country, and I had never seen anything like the love locks.”
Senior Juan Nolte’s piece depicting a person typing on a computer with a phone on the screen was also selected. “We idolize the people we see on our computers, but they only show us what they want us to see, not who they really are,” he said.

Hayden, a junior, took his photo during a summer course offered at Walker last year.  “We were going out to find places with contrast, and the hallways and doorways looked interesting,” he said. “I liked the composition of the bars.”

The students credited Upper School Art Teacher Juliana Thomas with helping them be the best artists possible.
“Ms. Thomas pushes us to explore the artwork we want to make and the ideas that we have behind our artwork,” Nolte said. “She pushes us to make sure the work we do create has a deeper meaning behind it and not just abstract art we make.”
Nolte said he appreciates all of the art classes offered at Walker: “It’s a huge program. There are countless classes, and they really help you develop your skills.”
Becker said she agreed about Walker’s Arts program: “Walker has a lot of opportunities that I’m able to be a part of that I wouldn’t have had at my old school. Here, I’m able to take ceramics or drawing and painting, Stagecraft, AP Studio Art and more.”
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