Scott Kitson ('06): Serving Others in NYC

Scott Kitson is used to working from home. A few years after he began working as the Marketing Manager for Green America in Washington, D.C., he asked if he could go remote and relocate to New York City. The non-profit committed to environmental sustainability agreed. 

Many Americans are realizing both the benefits and the challenges of working from home. For those who are already in telework situations, connecting with others only occurs outside of office hours. 

“Working from home isn’t the issue,” Scott said. “It’s the inability to connect outside of the home that has created the most stress for me.”

Looking for distractions and for a way to help, the 2006 Walker graduate started texting a few local friends. 

“I thought it would be nice to throw a pizza party for a friend who works as a physician at Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan,” he said. 

In a matter of hours, Scott had collected more than he needed and found himself hosting multiple pizza parties -  providing meals to Metropolitan Hospital, Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, and Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn.

It didn’t take long before “people started posting videos about fabric masks and contacting me to ask if that would be helpful,” he said. “So I said, yes. And, the masks started to arrive.”

 “Then, my parents, who still live in Marietta and happen to live next door to a current Walker family, found out about the face shields Walker was making. The next thing I know, I’m getting a shipment of Walker-made face shields, which I distributed to doctors here in NYC,” Scott said.

This has become a passion project for Scott, who joined the Walker community in fifth grade: “There’s only so much Netflix to watch,” he said. “I had to figure out something else to do.” 

A 2010 University of Missouri grad, Scott had long ago discovered an interest in serving non-profit organizations. “I majored in political science, but it wasn’t long before I discovered my heart was really in serving others.”
If you’re interested in supporting Scott’s efforts to care for healthcare professionals in New York City, you can learn more via his Go Fund Me account.

“Who doesn’t want a pizza party?” he said, excitedly. “It has been so amazing to see my entire network – all the way back to Walker – coming together. I want to keep this up as long as I can.”
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