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Karoline Carruth: Growing into Confidence

When we asked our students, faculty and staff to nominate members of the Class of 2020 they felt best represent the characteristics of a Walker student, Emily Adams (Science Department Chair), wrote “Karoline has taken full advantage of the opportunities available at Walker to grow into a confident scholar who is not afraid to take intellectual risks.”
The level of confidence that our students grow into - as a result of their relationships on campus, their willingness to take chances and their courage to explore - continues to inspire. Adds Mrs. Adams, “I have been so proud of the work that she did with the neural tube defect prevention team at the Centers for Disease Control as well as the complex genetics research she's done in the Guided Scientific Research (GSR) course.  She has shown great patience and optimism through challenge - and even taught me a thing or two!”

“I’ve always gotten along with my teachers, they always keep up with me,” says Karoline. Then, she launches into her GSR hypothesis: is there a genetic link to risky driving behaviors? “I think I really want to go into genetics, maybe through pre-med or biology. I’m not sure yet about that.”

One thing she is sure about is the impact that a Walker education has had on her family. “My sister graduated from Walker in 2008 and... I have a lot of cousins,” she explains, “many of them have graduated from Walker, too.”  Watching the progression of success found through their friends and family, Mom, Laura Carruth, adds: “We have been happy as members of the Walker family for a long time, as evidenced by the commitment to commute to school 25 miles from our home.  Two (round) trips a day is nearly 100 miles! But, we believe Walker provides a quality education in a warm, caring environment and that makes our investment of both time and money worthwhile.” 

A former cheerleader, a violinist, a student ambassador for the Admission office, and a member of our Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), Karoline has tried many different opportunities at Walker. Her WISE internship with a local radiologist really helped her hone in on her passion. “I’m looking ahead at several different colleges,” Karoline says adding quickly, “but I want to choose ‘the best fit’ for me. That could be Georgia Tech, or UGA. Virginia and Emory are also on the list. I’m still waiting to decide.”

She knows, though, what she will miss most about Walker. “My teachers. They really care.” Adds Mom, “I feel that Karoline has received a great education at Walker. She’s been both  challenged and supported by the teaching staff.”

We wish Karoline the best in her next phase of life. And yes, we will still be keeping up with her. 
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