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Study Skills and Strategies

Knowing how to study is not a natural or innate ability.  In fact, it takes lots of trial and error to get it right!  Whether it is making reading memorable, notes meaningful, or assessments manageable, the methods to achieve those effectively take more than just time and perseverance - they take specific study skills and strategies to truly be successful.  To that end, we have compiled lots of great ideas and resources for students (and parents!) to tap into! Feel free to reach out to the Walker Learning Specialists if you need more suggestions.

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  • Active Reading Strategies

    When reading, just looking at the page is never enough!  You must be consciously aware of what you are taking in, or you will be apt to zone out and forget what you have read.  We are all guilty of it - but there are ways around this problem!

    Talking to the Text:  When reading an article, a chapter in a textbook, or a novel, it is important to interact with the text to not only make the reading more meaningful but also to make it easier to review again later.  Use the icons in the example provided below (or create your own!). Talking to the Text

    Six Active Reading Strategies:  When reading fiction especially, there are ways to ensure you are getting more out of what you are reading.  Some strategies include Visualize, Predict, Clarify, Connect, Question, and Evaluate. Click on the link below for a more in-depth description of each of those. Six Reading Strategies
  • Graphic Organizers

    Sometimes when you are teaching or learning, a graphic organizer helps manage content in a much more meaningful way.  These are just two sites that could be of interest! It might seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you are not a teacher, but if you explore a little, you might find something of help.

  • Mixed Strategies Menu

    This “menu” has a variety of ideas in it!  Review it to see what might work for you.
  • Note Taking Strategies

    Effective note-taking is critical - otherwise, it is just a waste of time!  You will need to take notes from books that you are reading, videos that you are watching, and lectures or talks that you are listening to - whether online or in-person.  Below please find some proven strategies.

    SQ3R - How to Take Textbook Notes:  This stands for Survey, Question, Read, Review, and Recite.  It is an especially good method for textbook chapters or articles with lots of headings and subheadings, but it can be adapted for other genres as well. SQ3R

    Cornell Notes:  Cornell Notes are an effective method for all types of note-taking scenarios, and the system was developed at Cornell University.  You can get creative with this - add pictures, diagrams, etc. - whatever makes it more meaningful for you!
  • Vocabulary Strategies

    In the link below you will find a very comprehensive list of vocabulary strategies compiled by the Georgia Department of Education.  These can be used across content areas - English, Science, Math, History, World Language, etc. There is sure to be one that meets your needs!

    Don’t forget about, too!
  • YouTube Videos

    For many students, videos are very helpful to watch. 

    Here is a good series called “Crash Course Study Skills” hosted by Thomas Frank who has numerous videos available.  Here is link to get you started: Crash Course Study Skills

    Online courses force you to work independently. Here is a link to help you learn How to Effectively Study with Online Courses.
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