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Senior Spotlight -Thomas Stovall, Football

What is your favorite class in school and why?
My favorite class is AP US government because it’s really interesting to learn how the American system works and I’m getting a new perspective on politics. It’s also really helpful to have this class during an election year because the type of examples we get and connections we can draw between what we’re reading about and what is actually going on in the world is a nice experience.

What's your perfect pre-game meal and what's on your pre-game playlist?
The classic grilled chicken and green beans is fine with me. My playlist usually starts out with some 70’s (Eagles and America) during our down period before the game. As we work up to kickoff it’ll change over to early 2000’s/2010’s rap (Gucci Mane and Future) and then right before kickoff I usually stick to newer rap.

What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
Definitely 2001: A Space Odyssey or Platoon. I love both films because they were not only made by two legendary directors but they do such a good job of portraying the human condition. The evolution of humanity you see in 2001, from apes to deep space exploration, really makes you think about where we are going. It also does a great job of showing how, although humans are insanely curious, there are things which we can’t really comprehend and that that should be an acceptable answer to our questions. Platoon also does an amazing job portraying two sides of morality in Vietnam with Sgt. Elias’ righteous crusaders and Sgt. Barnes’ survivalist warriors. It plays these two factions really nicely off each other and shows how the division within the unit affects everyone.
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