Overseas Travel/Foreign Exchange

International Exchange

The Walker School’s international exchange programs provide our Faculty and our students with opportunities to explore the richness and diversity of other societies, while instilling respect for all people.  Our international exchange programs were created with the goal of enhancing global awareness, developing cultural sensitivity ultimately promoting a deeper sense of global citizenship.

Each year, the Walker School welcomes a group of French, German and Argentine exchange students into our school and homes to provide a chance for students and their families to learn about other cultures and ideas and to share their own.

In the spring and summer, many of our host Upper School students travel to France, Germany or Argentina to stay with a host family while they attend classes and take tours throughout the country. 

Since 1997 Walker has had a flourishing exchange program with The Europaschule in Bornheim, near Bonn in Germany. As the name implies, the Europaschule has strong partnerships with schools throughout Europe and an international atmosphere prevails. For more information on the Europaschule, Bornheim, visit their website at www.europaschule-bornheim.de

The Walker/Bornheim exchange takes place every other year. Typically the German students spend a week to ten days staying with Walker students in the fall or early spring and attend school with their hosts. Our students visit Germany during our summer vacation. At this time the Europaschule is still in session and Walker students attend school with their hosts for one week. During this time they also make trips to Cologne, Bonn and in the Rheinland area. After one week staying with host families in Bornheim, we then spend a further week touring Germany , Switzerland and sometimes Austria. In the past our itinerary has included Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Munich, Salzburg, and we always spend a couple of days in the Swiss Alps. Students are accompanied by Bill Morgan and Ayren Selzer. The exchange is open to any student who has completed at least two years of German although preference will be given to students in their junior or senior year. Further information on the German exchange is available from .