Counseling and Guidance

In an effort to assist each of our students, we offer a wide variety of services to respond to individual situations or needs. These possible services include: individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, advisory group coordination, peer leadership, parent/teacher conferences, college entrance counseling, parent education programs, and referral services.

Our new MS Counselor is Ms. Ann Tolley Jones, who comes to us from Virginia where she was a school counselor and musical theatre director. Ann Tolley holds a B.A. from University of Virginia and a Masters in School Counseling from James Madison University.


Our Counselors

Dean of College Counseling & Guidance

Asst. Dean of College Guidance
770-427-2689 ext. 2542

Preschool Counselor
770-427-2689 ext. 1512

Lower School Counselor
770-427-2689 ext. 5501

Ann Tolley Jones
Middle School Counselor
770-427-2689 ext. 5502

Upper School Counselor
770-427-2689 ext. 4505