Community Service

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”


An ongoing goal for The Walker School has been to encourage and provide opportunities for students to become active in community service and service learning. Individual faculty or staff of each school division keeps track of various projects. The number of students graduating with Honors in Community Service has more than doubled since we implemented the ROOTS program (Reaching Out to Others Through Service). That number has grown from seven in 2006 to 16 in 2014. These students are recognized at Honors Day and Graduation. Please visit the ROOTS page to learn more about that Upper School program.  We have created a ROOTS Student Advisory Board comprised of students who are already active in the community as well as two faculty members.

Students in all schools are encouraged to participate in community service activities. As a whole school we collected supplies and assembled convoy kits for soldiers in the Middle East, collected canned food for the local Salvation Army, provided Christmas for children through the Salvation Army Angel program, and participated in Toys for Tots. Each school also participates in community service activities by conducting fund drives, collecting goods, or providing hands on service.

A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit”

Greek Proverb

At the high school level, the Student Service Organization continues to grow in members and service sponsored activities in five major areas (see list). All of Walker’s Honor Societies and clubs have incorporated a philanthropy or service project into the membership requirements. At a spring assembly, students are encouraged to speak about their particular community service project and the impact it has on their life. We have developed a Summer Programs File on summer community service opportunities including some geographically close to the school for non drivers. Although Walker does not require a certain number of community service hours to graduate, we strongly encourage this activity.


  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cobb Christmas Battery Drive
  • Special Olympics