Walker Photos

Please visit SmugMug to browse thousands of photos of special events, field trips, and athletic contests. Members of the Walker community may view or share photos; prints can also be ordered for a nominal fee through SmugMug. Prints may be purchased from smugmug.

Digital copies of any of the pictures uploaded to Smugmug are free for all Walker students, parents, and grandparents. To obtain a digital copy just navigate to Smugmug by clicking on the Media Gallery link from the front page of the Walker web page. After entering the Smugmug site just choose the appropriate folder, i.e. 2014 - 15 Photos. Once you find the correct folder choose the picture from the thumbnails on the left of the screen. Click on the picture on the right to get to the menu allowing you to choose photo size.  At the bottom of the screen you will see the choice for the sizes.  Once you open up the full size picture just right mouse click on the picture or choose the download arrow at the bottom of page to capture the digital image.