Parent Councils

The Upper School Parent Council (USPC) was established in 2008 and has provided continued support for the Upper School community. With the creation of the Preschool, Lower School and Middle School Parent Councils, we believe The Walker School will now gain an increased sense of community.

The Middle School Parent Council (MSPC) was officially launched in November 2013 to provide support and ideas to the administration and faculty, and to facilitate communication between administration, faculty, and parents in the Middle School.

As students reach the higher grades, it is often more difficult for parents to stay involved in school activities, yet their support is still critical for helping the Walker community reach its full potential. The role of the Parent Council is to provide feedback and volunteer support. With open discussion and creative interaction, we believe we can strengthen each school division and add value to the entire Walker Community.

The Parent Councils' role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Provide support and ideas to administration and faculty,
  • Facilitate communication & collaboration between administration, faculty and parents
  • Helping new families assimilate into the new school community and assist in the transition from Lower to Middle to Upper School,
  • Creating social and educational events that foster a sense of community between parents, faculty/staff, and students,
  • Providing volunteer recruitment and training,
  • Offering focus groups for planning and policy issues, and
  • Assisting with marketing and publicity for each school division.

Any parent or guardian of a Walker student is invited to participate in any of the Parent Council meetings. Members may elect to serve on a particular sub-committee or simply to attend general meetings, which will be held once each month. Please feel free to attend whenever it is convenient.

Parent Councils Leadership

Mr. TJ Ferguson

Alfredo Seirotti

Dave Lazzaroni

Lower School

Middle School
, Chair
, Secretary

Upper School
, Chair
, Vice Chair
, Secretary


No events are currently available.