Students Invited to Present Research at UGA

Posted: February 9, 2017

All seven of Walker's Guided Scientific Research students have been invited to present their research at the Georgia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at the University of Georgia later this month. Only 50 students from the state of Georgia are invited make these oral presentations each year, making this a major accomplishment for our students.

The students with stars next to their names are also part of Walker's Public Health Concentration, and spent a month last summer working at the CDC. Matt Johnson was the first student in Walker's new Engineering Concentration and completed a summer internship at Georgia Tech.

  • *Wilber Clonts - "Genotyping of GIT1 SNP Mutation in Adolescents with ADHD"
  • Matt Johnson - "3D Printed Bridges and the Potential of Real World Tested Evolutionary Simulations"
  • *Ashwin Kanuru - "Efficacy of Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors Among Adolescents"
  • *Nick Robinson - "Caffeine Knowledge of Adolescents Before and After a Presentation"
  • *Chloe Scott - "Effectiveness of Digital Video Games as a Mode of Health Education"
  • Alizeh Sheikh - "TGFB Codon 10 Polymorphism and its Association with the Prevalence of Low Myopia"
  • *Alec Yeaney - "The Tertiary Structural Effects of a R142W Single Base Mutation in Peripherin-2"
this article was last updated: February 27, 2017