Walker Backers


 The mission of the Backers is to enhance the Walker athletic experience for players, coaches, and fans. 

The Walker Backers support all programs within the Athletic Department, not just a chosen few. All varsity head coaches/program coordinators are invited to submit wishlists to the Backers each year; in addition, the Backers will annually donate funds to every program, which coaches may use at their discretion.

The Backers assist the Athletic Department in a variety of ways: providing professional development opportunities for coaches; developing and promoting special events and charitable endeavors; recognizing and honoring our student-athletes; providing training aids at the request of program coordinators.

The Leadership Team of the Walker Backers works closely with the Head of School and Director of Advancement to ensure that athletics is promoted within the school community in an appropriate manner, on an appropriate scale.


Mission Statement


To provide a meaningful experience for our student-athletes through competition with an emphasis on class, discipline, and enthusiasm.