Sports Medicine

Walker Sports Medicine takes a comprehensive approach in providing quality, sport related medical services to all of our Upper School and Middle School athletes. This program functions under three basic principles: Daily Accessibility, Event Coverage and Rehabilitation. These principles have made Walker Sports Medicine successful in serving our athletes for over 14 years.

Daily Accessibility

The Walker School employs a full time Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer. This provides the opportunity for athletes to have daily access to qualified medical personnel before, during and after games and practices. Having Certified Athletic Trainers on campus every day gives athletes and parents the peace of mind in knowing that a skilled medical professional is available for evaluation, assessment and treatment of any sport related injury if the need arises.

Event Coverage

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available for virtually every Upper School and Middle School athletic competition held on The Walker School campus. Athletic Trainers are available for pre and post game treatments, as well as for primary management of injuries that occur during an athletic contest. This service is available for all Walker athletes as well as all visiting teams.


Walker Sports Medicine takes pride in its ability to design and implement comprehensive rehabilitation plans for athletes with sport related injuries. Walker’s Athletic Trainers work in conjunction with physicians and/or physical therapists to provide a unique opportunity for injured athletes to complete rehabilitation programs on campus, under the supervision of a professional. The training room is equipped with all of the essential rehabilitation tools including a whirlpool, ultrasound, Game Ready unit, electrical stimulation unit and hydroculator for moist heat.

Student Trainer Program

The Walker School has a Student Athletic Trainer Program, which is open to all interested students. This program is geared towards students who want to pursue a career in Sports Medicine or any related medical field. It is also ideal for students who just want to be involved in athletics but do not participate in a sport during a particular season. Student Trainers are taught basic first aid and taping techniques. They also assist the Head Athletic Trainer with injury rehabilitation. Students can participate in the program during the fall and spring athletic seasons. A varsity letter is awarded at the end of each season to Student Trainers who successfully participate throughout the entire season.

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Salina C. Diop, MS, ATC

Salina C. Diop, MS, ATC is the Head Athletic Trainer for The Walker School. Salina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. She did her graduate work at Georgia State University and received a Master of Science degree in Sports Medicine in May of 2003. Salina has had experience in providing sports medicine services at the Upper School and collegiate levels. She has also covered a number of professional and amateur sporting events including the USA Indoor National Track and Field Championships and The Peachtree Road Race. Salina is licensed in the state of Georgia and has been certified member of the National Athletic Trainers Association since 1999.