The Upper School Drama Program offers many different classes including: Drama I: Beginning Acting, Drama II: Advanced Acting, Musical Theatre, Company Players, Directing Seminar, and Technical Theatre. The courses are designed to train both the serious and beginning student, while encouraging continued theater participation and appreciation. Acting classes address scene study, script analysis, voice, movement, monologues, stage combat, Shakespeare, Greek theater, and theater for youth. The musical theatre class produces and performs an annual Broadway revue called Broadway Spectacular. Company Players is also a production class usually held during the spring term. The Directing Seminar produces the 10-Minute Play Festival, which presents student-directed work. If students have an interest in set design and construction, they can participate in our shop—building sets for Upper School and Middle School plays as well as for the annual Lower School Spring Play.

Opportunities also exist outside the classroom to participate in drama. There are three to four major productions a year, and auditions are open to all students in the 9-12th grade. There is an annual musical with an average of 80 students participating, both on and off stage or in the orchestra. Finally, we are members of the International Thespian Society, a national honor society that recognizes excellence and commitment to the theatrical arts by offering membership to students who work more than 100 hours in theater during a school year.

Technical Theatre

The Technical Theater class is designed to develop a general base of technical, analytical, managerial, and creative competencies aimed toward entry positions in theatrical construction. Students are trained to be resourceful, imaginative, and technically competent while integrating engineering and artistic techniques within theatrical settings. The students build sets and props for each production. They climb ladders to hang and focus lights, and they get their hands and clothes dirty using various tools. Theater technicians are highly versatile. From wood to plastics to Styrofoam to metal, materials are used in creative ways. They might use a drainage pipe as a ship mast or to carry smoke and fog. They might sculpt a car out of Styrofoam and wood. (And let's not get started on what can be done with duct tape!) If the designers can imagine it, odds are good that it can be built.

No Strings Attached Players

The No Strings Attached Players (NSA) is Walker’s after-school drama program. Any student participating in an after-school production is a member of NSA Players. Beloved drama teacher Ed Deevers originally selected the name in 1983. His advanced drama students performed under this name until his departure from Walker in 1999. The name was resurrected in 2005 with the production of Rumors. Students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to be members of the NSA Players.

International Thespian Society, Troupe 6768

Walker’s International Thespian Society troupe began in 2004. The International Thespian Society is the only organization to honor secondary school students for outstanding work in theatre. Honoring meritorious work in theater arts, students are granted membership by completing at least 100 hours of service during the current school year in the theatre program. These students are responsible for every aspect of an Upper School production. As members of troupe 6768, Walker students are not only involved in all theatrical productions; they also participate in community service projects throughout the year. Past projects include AIDS Walk Atlanta, Relay for Life, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Threads, UNICEF, and Habitat for Humanity.