Music Theory & History

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory is offered to those students who want to learn and understand the basic language and grammar of music including note reading, sight singing, music notation, harmonic analysis and part writing. By incorporating The National Standards of Teaching Music, the student will gain a thorough understanding of music composition and fundamental theory. Additionally, the student will practice and master ear-traing skills and recognize the development of music from a cultural and historical perspective. Assignments will vary from both performance-based and analytically-based types. The ultimate goal of the course is to prepare the student to pass the AP Music Theory Exam at the conclusion of the course.

Music Through the Ages

This Upper School semester course studies the evolution of music from ancient civilizations to today. This survey course discusses music history, study of composers, as well as listening analysis. Students will study the major periods such as the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, Jazz, and Film Score.