Applying to The Walker School

General Information

The Walker School admits motivated, average to superior, college bound students with no conduct or absentee problems. The admission process identifies students who demonstrate motivation and the ability to fulfill The Walker School's academic requirements. In reviewing applications, the Admission Committee considers academic performance, standardized test results, teacher evaluation, individual characteristics and talents. 

For your convenience, our admission process has been moved online and is hosted by Ravenna Solutions, a user-friendly, accessible program that will take you from inquiry to a complete admission file.  We appreciate your applying for admission any time from October 1, 2016 through February 16, 2017. Throughout the admission process, you will have the opportunity to engage with our admission team, our administration and talented faculty, our students and our parent body. Our hope is to provide you with a multitude of perspectives to help you develop a deeper understanding of the Walker community.

Once you have created an account, you will see The Walker School listed in the directory of schools in the Atlanta area. After selecting Walker you will have the option to "Explore", register for an event or apply for admission. We appreciate your interest in The Walker School and we look forward to seeing you soon!


  • Applicants must have turned 4 for PK and 5 for Kindergarten prior to September 1st.
  • We encourage all prospective families to schedule a visit to our campus.  Please see our campus tours tab to learn about our upcoming group tour dates.  Additionally, we welcome families to schedule an individual tour at their convenience by contacting our Admission Team.
  • Click here to complete the online application and submit the $85 non-refundable application fee. 
  • Prekindergarten and Kindergarten applicants are required to register for a group observation. Prekindergarten applicants must also register for a one-on-one interview.  
  • Have your pediatrician send a current immunization form.
  • Kindergarten applicants should contact one of our member JATP (Joint Admission Test Program) psychologists to schedule an individual assessment.
  • Submit the confidential teacher evaluation form to your current school at the beginning of January.  The school will send those forms directly to us.    
  • For your convenience, you will have the ability to track your progress through the admission process via your Ravenna Solutions account.  Please note that your supporting documents must be received by February 28, 2017.  
  • The admission process will be made as stress free as possible for children entering our Early Learners program. It is recommended that parents bring their child for a brief visit to the school prior to the observation day. In an effort to accommodate each family, specific days and times have been set aside for a ten minute mini-tour to familiarize your child with our Preschool. The mini-tours will be conducted by student guides, the Director of Admission, or the Preschool Director. If you wish to make an appointment for a visit, please contact Patti Logan (678-581-6891) the beginning of January.

Admission decisions will be available to you on Saturday, April 1, 2017 via your Ravenna account portal.