Middle School (6th - 8th)

The Hubert Middle School is a division of The Walker School consisting of grades six, seven, and eight. Everything about our nationally recognized Middle School program has been designed around the special needs of youngsters in transition between childhood and adolescence. The program reflects our belief that students thrive in a nurturing, yet challenging environment.

Walker's Middle School program is designed to prepare students to accept increasing responsibility for class preparation, employment of effective study skills, organizational skills, and personal involvement in their own education. We seek to support students in making the transition from childhood to adolescence by helping them recognize the connections between actions and consequences, effort and achievement, perseverance and accomplishment of goals.  

All courses are planned with the goals of helping students develop and refine the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and mastering math concepts. At every grade level we seek to promote increasingly sophisticated cognitive and affective development. Students are taught to analyze and solve problems. They learn to use research skills, assess facts, analyze data, formulate conclusions, and summarize findings. As students progress through the three years of Middle School, they participate in a series of classroom activities designed to promote maturation of reasoning skills and to encourage them to advance from concrete to abstract thinking as they are developmentally ready to do so. Because one of our most important goals is to provide the best possible learning environment for each of our students, we have created single gender classes for math groups in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. It is our hope that we will continue to see higher proportions of our students elect advanced math classes at the Upper School and college levels.



Week at Walker


Kevin Tilley  
Head of Middle School

David Gale
Assistant Head of Middle School 

Ann Tolley Jones
Middle School Counselor
770-427-2689 ext. 5502

Terri Woods
Middle School Administrative Assistant