College Counseling

Walker’s college counseling process provides a comprehensive, individualized approach to assist students in identifying and applying to the colleges and universities best matching their needs and aspirations. The School’s two full-time counselors challenge students to explore new and exciting educational opportunities nationwide and to reach for options that will stretch and broaden their academic horizons. In supporting each student and family, the Department’s mission and process is three-fold: to help manage the application and selection processes; to prepare for the transition to college; and to optimize opportunities for a successful college experience. A total team effort, Walker’s college counseling staff achieves its goal of identifying the “Best Fit” for each of our students.


  • Focus on achieving the best grades you can.
  • Prepare to take the most rigorous courses you can.
  • Consider getting involved in community service.


  • Consider your extracurricular involvements and leadership opportunities both in and out of school.
  • Take the most rigorous schedule that is appropriate for you.


  • Visit a variety of colleges.
  • Visit Visit Visit
  • Take both the SAT and ACT.


  • Complete your “Reach Aim and Safety” college applications.
  • Have a Plan. Application Plan. When deciding on how many colleges to apply to during the fall of the senior year, it is important to have a plan...


Neil Clark
Dean of College Counseling & Guidance
(678) 581-6907

Robyn Johnson 
Assistant Dean of College Counseling
(678) 581-6915

Rebecca Pierce
College Counseling Coordinator
(770) 427-2689 ext. 2542

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