A Walker Education

The Walker School offers challenging, exciting, hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Our dedicated faculty members take time to provide the instruction to meet the needs of each student. Here, it is about preparing our students to be strong in all subjects and ultimately to thrive in a college environment.

In May 2015, 189 students took 515 Advanced Placement exams in 26 subject areas.

We provide an atmosphere conducive to learning in a stimulating yet nurturing environment. Our students have all the benefits of accelerated learning without the pressures that often accompany it. At Walker, students may reach their fullest potentials, while developing a confidence and love of learning that will endure throughout their lives.

Because our school combines traditional standards of academic rigor and discipline with modern approaches to learning, our students gain the skills that success requires and the flexibility that change demands. The school promotes enjoyment of learning and problem-solving so that students respond enthusiastically to challenge. Walker students excel both inside and outside the classroom.