Technology at Walker

Mission Statement

"In preparation for success in college and beyond, all our students gain technical proficiencies and essential literacies for the growth of academic achievement, critical thinking, and problem-solving, while learning to effectively communicate and collaborate in a digital world."


The Walker School is committed to providing students with an academic experience that will serve them well beyond the walls of conventional education and enable them to excel in the dynamic environment of 21st century society. Toward that end we have incorporated the development of specific technical competencies into the curriculum as we prepare our students for success in a digital world. The Walker School consistently upgrades our technology infrastructure to match current industry standards which includes our wireless network, operating systems, computer and server hardware, and classroom software.

Six teaching computer labs as well as one Mac lab for digital communication classes

Integration of Technology

Our technology offerings cover a wide range of technical disciplines including multimedia communications, computer programming, robotics, and computer literacy. The integration of technology across the curriculum provides relevance and the reinforcement of skills for students as they use technology to perform authentic tasks. Technology supported activities such as the 5th grade Water World wiki and the comprehensive 8th grade project require students to utilize technology for identifying both local and global problems, conducting valid research, and collaborating with others in order to propose solutions to these problems. Strategically planned field trips such as the Middle School trip to Space Camp are designed to expand upon students’ academic knowledge and often expose them to sophisticated, real-life technology applications. Extracurricular activities such as the Robotics Club, Audiovisual Club and Photography Club foster students’ enthusiasm for creative applications of technology while extending learning outside of the classroom.


In order to maintain an optimal learning environment for our digital students, we provide a variety of tools and services throughout the campus.

  • Over 400 networked, Internet accessible computers campus wide
  • Grades 1 through 12 are provided with secure login access to the school network
  • 100 Mb Ethernet access
  • Six teaching computer labs as well as one Mac lab for digital communication classes
  • Three mobile computing labs
  • Campus wide wireless access
  • Multiple computers in each of the school's 3 libraries
  • Each classroom is equipped with 1 to 8 computers for faculty and student use
  • Overhead computer projectors in all classrooms in all divisions
  • Document cameras and interactive white boards enhance student learning in all divisions
  • Robotics kits, GPS units, a weather station, graphing calculators and Nintendo Wii engage our students in technology, science, geography, and physical education classes
  • PowerSchool is a comprehensive student information system which provides a collaborative network between students, parents, teachers, and administration
  • First Class, an integrated suite of applications, provides students and faculty with a variety of tools that support communication, organization, and collaboration