Partnerships and Donations

Republic Services - donated paper recycling bins for classrooms/offices/hallways

Rubbermaid Commercial Products - donated desk side paper recyclig bins

Coca-Cola Company - donated bottle and can recycling bins for Coles Gym

WSA and the Walker Backers – donated outdoor bottle and can recycling containers for vending machine area and athletic fields

SP Recycling – provides free paper containers and pick-up service; rebates money

Recycling Fundraiser – cell phone & ink jet cartridge recycling partner; rebates money

Recycletronics – consumer electronics recycling partner


Contact Us

Please help us to make a better world for our children by reducing, reusing, or recycling. Recycling not only cuts down on materials and toxic substances being buried in landfills, but also lowers the need to commit more natural resources to product manufacturing.

If you have any questions, please contact Denise Mullins, 770-427-2689 ext. 2533 or