Sustainability Program

News and Updates

  • Energy Star Certification

    In December 2012, The Walker School received official confirmation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the school is now an ENERGY STAR certified facility after earning an 80% energy efficiency rating!

    To qualify for this important designation, data was collected regarding the school's electric, gas, and water consumption over the past several years and matched against parameters such as the school's square footage, lighting density, hours of operation, and geographic location.

    In addition, our Technology Department joined the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign by pledging to enable power management, or sleep mode, on our copiers, printers, computers, and monitors. This simple step, combined with virtualizing our servers, will further reduce our demand for electricity.

    ENERGY STAR was introduced by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. Over the past 20 years, American businesses have prevented more than 1.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions with help from ENERGY STAR.

  • Reduce Idling Campaign

    Please support The Walker School’s "Reduce Idling Zones" and turn your car off while waiting to pick up your children. The Reduce Idling Carpool Zones are part of The Walker School’s Clean Air School program, in partnership with The Clean Air Campaign. We are asking parents to adopt a reduce-idling policy for their vehicles. When our children come out to carpool, their young lungs are breathing in the pollutants produced from idling.

  • Air Polution Hits Home in Georgia

  • Better World Books

    The Walker School is a drop off site for Better World Books, an organization that collects, sells, donates, and/or recycles books. They accept gently used books of any type, including textbooks. They donate money to The Walker School for the books collected. Their collection bin is located in the parking lot of the upper level tennis courts.

The Walker School is a proud recipient of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta's Grants to Green program award.


Mission Statement

Please help us to make a better world for our children by reducing, reusing, or recycling.  Recycling not only cuts down on materials and toxic substances being buried in landfills, but also lowers the need to commit more natural resources to product manufacturing.