Fast Facts About Walker


School Profile

Founded: 1957 
Grades offered: PreK3 - grade 12
Total enrollment: 923
Number of high school students: 362
Class size expands: Early Learners, 1st, 6th, 9th

Class sizes  
Average class size (Pre-K): 12
Average class size (K–5): 15
Average class size (middle school): 16
Average class size (high school): 16

College Profile
Students Accepted to College in 2014: 100%
SAT middle 50% (CR/M/W): 1660-1960
ACT middle 50%: 23-30

Number of AP courses offered:  25 
Students scoring 3-plus on AP exams:  73%
In May 2014, 188 students took 447 AP exams in 20 subject areas.  Approximately 99% of our students taking an AP class take the corresponding AP subject exam. 

For the past five years (2010-2014), Walker has averaged over 7% of the class being recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program. 

World Languages and international exchanges    
World Language(s) offered: Spanish, French, Latin, German
Grade world language first offered: Early Learners (3 year old)
International exchanges:  France, Germany and Argentina

Athletic Profile
Division & Region:  GHSA Single A division
Varsity sports teams: 22
Number of team state championships:  27
Number of individual state championships: 23
Number of alumni athletes: 149

Fine Arts
Number of art studios: 5
High school theater productions per year: 4
High school musical ensembles: 9

Lowest tuition for 5-day students: $12,000
Annual tuition for highest grade: $21,790
Type of financial:  Need based
Students receiving financial aid: 16%

Uniform: Field trip uniforms for specific grades only
Bus transportation: Morning and afternoon buses
Teacher retention rate: 89%